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We Provide the Best Palm Pruning / Removal

Un-maintained palm trees, especially coco’s palms are an inviting habitat for rats, cockroaches and bats. Palm trees should be frequently maintained, seed pods and dead or dying branches removed. Falling palm fronds and seed pods have been known to cause serious injury due to weight and shape of the objects. We also offer complete palm removal with waste removed offsite.
Stump grinding- Stump grinding is usually required when the stumps have left an unsightly visual impact, or customers wish to use the space for re-planting. Stump grinding requires specialised machinery and qualified operators to ensure the job is done correctly. Not only are the stump visually unappealing they can also be a hazard; they make homes for termites and other insects. Our stump grinder operator Ryan will be happy to supply free Quotes and answer any questions you may have.

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