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    Our missing is to provide you the best tree service. 

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We Provide the Best Tree Pruning from 20 Years

Trees can be problematic at times in which pruning is required. At Big Jim’s Tree Service all pruning work is carried out to Australian Standard AS4373. Common pruning can consist of.
  • Dead wooding- Which is the removal of dead branches that can fall off causing potential property damage or be harmful to people
  • Crown lifting- is when you are raising the trees canopy which will improve the clearance and access around your tree
  • Selective Pruning- This is removing branches for a variety of reason including weight reducing, branch decay, branches over hanging fences, pools, building and to reduce the risk of falling branches
  • Line Clearing- As tree’s grow and there canopy expands these can become a problem for your power lines or phone lines, pruning back branches will give safe clearance.

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